Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,
During the summer we normally send out the annual appeal letter to members of the community.  The Rotary Club will be mailing that letter out within the next month.  However, we know that this year has been, and continues to be, a struggle for most people in the valley.  ...
To the Editor:
Just when I think I’ve heard everything, this comes along:  Please tell me who gets to take 226 years to pay off a debt? You, me?  I don’t think so! 
What is going on with our justice system?
Sharon Adams
To the Editor,
Over the next few years, Vermonters, Vermont businesses, and Vermont’s public institutions will be facing significant challenges at the state and national level from the long-term effects of the global pandemic. I hope my regular online updates at www.laurasibiliavt.com have...
To the Editor,
Remember how Democratic candidates told us again and again during the presidential primaries that Americans love their private health insurance, love their employer-sponsored plan, and it shouldn’t be taken away from them?  
Well, the “radical left” didn’t take away...
To the Editor,
I’m running for governor to bring a much-needed outsider’s perspective to a fundamentally broken political system. We don’t need people with decades of state house experience. We don’t need people who are beholden to PACs, lobbyists or deep-pocketed influencers. We need...
To the Editor,
There is a new restaurant in town and it’s called The Stack.  Absolutely appetizing and the setting is pristine.  It sits in the handsome hills of Vermont with an unobstructed view of Haystack Golf Course. Located at the clubhouse, is a new find with Chef Maximilian bringing...
To the Editor,
I read with interest your recent article by Lauren Harkawik regarding marketing plans for Dover and Wilmington. Nowhere in the article was public relations or publicity mentioned.
Placing stories in regional publications in Boston, Connecticut, Long Island, etc. will...
To the Editor,
On behalf of he members of Deerfield Valley Rescue Inc. I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the staff at Family Dollar in Wilmington for the generous donation of ten cases of water.  It is with your help and support that we are able to continue our work...
To the Editor,
Something that always bothers me is when some of my fellow liberal/progressive Democrats try to shame me because the economic and financial issues mean more to me than do the social, cultural, identity-politics and cultural-wars issues. I care a lot about the latter, but I...
To the Editor,
I returned to my car from the bank last Friday to see a woman in a car near mine just sitting there, looking maybe despondent. I said, “This stinks. All of this stinks! Everything that is now going on!” 
She said she is scared, and told me that she has not had a job...


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