Vermont leads at Climate Summit of Americas
Last week I traveled to Toronto to attend the Climate Summit of the Americas, which brought together Pan-American governmental, advocacy, energy, and climate change leaders to share ideas on how we...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: Wilmington Selectboard members considered a waiver of setbacks and other dimensional requirements in the town’s zoning ordinance for Haystack properties. Many of the lots under the 19...
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Take time off from work and rest on the Sabbath
I’ve just finished reading a book with the title: “Sabbath as Resistance,” written by Walter Brueggemann.  In the book, (which, by the way, may catch the attention of us who are from the ‘60s) Brue...
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Weathering storms: Staying hopeful and calm in stressful times
While most of us look forward to an easing up of the demands and stressors of life during the summer, the reality is that upsetting or disturbing events can and do occur regardless of our wishes. A...
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Towns need to get ready for the silver tsunami
If I had known at age 20 what white hair and a cane would get me, I would have bought a wig and milked the whole thing. People all over the world, I find, are really lovely to an older woman. I hav...
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Seven invasive plants boaters need to be aware of
The 2015 river season is here and the Connecticut River Watershed Council asks all river users to protect the Connecticut River and its tributaries from invasions of exotic plants and animals. Whet...
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This Week in History
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10 years ago: Capt. Dick Joyce celebrated 30 years at the helm of the Mt. Mills, the tour boat he piloted up and down Lake Whitingham. Joyce, a Maine Maritime Academy graduate, designed and built t...
Meanings behind river names that tickle the tongue
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Native American people named places as they, like all people, needed commonly understood names for places in order to locate themselves and tell others of their location. Although different bands h...
Some like it hot, some like it cold
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There’s an old nursery rhyme about “Pease porridge” that ends with this little bit of wisdom: “Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some like it in the pot nine days old.” Well, I don’t know about ...
My first Vermont Ramadan, time to spiritually recharge
by Jasmine Riad
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Editor’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Jasmine Riad as a regular contributor to The Deerfield Valley News. Jasmine’s column will focus on Islamic religion and culture, and we’re looking forward to...
Seniors supporting seniors for more elder power
by Aging in Place: Claudette Hollenbeck
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When I joined the Aging in Place task force, I asked them to give me a sit-down job. They said I could write articles for the paper and for the Senior Newsletter. So, when you see my name in the pa...
H.361: What was left on the cutting room floor
by Legislative Update: Ann Manwaring
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The newly enacted education governance reform law, H.361, has set in place a process designed to lead to larger school districts, a process if not achieved by a certain time, will result in action ...