Reversing the trend of rising incarceration rates
For most of the last two decades, Vermont’s prison inmate population has been rising. Between 1997 and 2008, it grew by 86%. Projections made in 2007 said that Vermont’s inmate population would gro...
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Unexpected change is something we can count on
There’s an old saying: “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”  But for today’s living, we need to add: “Nothing is certain except unexpected change.” There are, of course, changes we know are...
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Go out and explore, enjoy nature’s playground
Those who grew up in Vermont likely experienced a childhood with adventures through snowy woods, discoveries in neighborhood brooks, and foot races through grassy fields. In Vermont we’re so fortun...
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Don’t leave everything to the cats; get your will in order
At age 23 I married Phillip, a second-year law student. We made our wills. We left all our worldly possessions and cash (next to nothing) to our two cats, Amber and Tiffany. Everybody should have a...
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It’s time to relicense the five hydroelectric facilities
The class of 2018 does not refer to a graduation class from one of our area schools, but instead refers to licenses that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will issue to operate five Connecti...
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This Week in History
10 years ago: The valley shivered through its first snowstorm of the season. Organizers of the Pool Learning Center broke ground on their classroom building in Marlboro, on land donated by the Pool...
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Beyond the solar panels and the wind turbines
by From the Statehouse: Shumlin
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When we talk about renewable energy, the focus is often on the project – the solar panel or the wind turbine that allows us to harness local, Vermont-grown energy to power homes and businesses arou...
This Week in History
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10 years ago: Thirty-five-year West Dover Fire Department veteran John Mulhall bid farewell to the valley. Mulhall, who was originally from Queens, NY, where he was also a firefighter, first came t...
Want an internal pleasure boost? Make others smile
by Aging in Place: Claudette Hollenbeck
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Lao Tzu said, “Intelligent people understand others. Enlightened people understand themselves.” Oh, if it were only as easy to do that as it is to say it. However, one of the perks of becoming matu...
All users of highways part of greater community
by From the Capitol: Gov. Peter Shumlin
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Last week, the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance held a rally for safe roads on the statehouse lawn. In attendance were bicyclists, motorists, equestrians, motorcyclists, and pedestrians, and more th...
Ices of all kinds can be forming at this time frazil, anchor, and rime
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As the temperatures drop, it seems to a good time to think about ice. What is there to say about ice? Ice is ice, right? Well the basics of ice are the same regardless of the type of ice formation....
Get rentals while you still can
by Rolf Parker
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DEERFIELD VALLEY- Visitors to the Deerfield Valley who are contemplating renting a luxury vacation property might not want to wait much longer. According to local property managers, there is a shor...
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