Schools are doing more, and spending more
Exhibit A among current critics of Vermont’s education funding system is some version of a chart showing annual education expenditures going up over time and school enrollment going down. Why are w...
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Sweet smells draw bears to Marlboro campus
MARLBORO- Attracted by the irresistible lure of compost, black bear sightings – and even confrontations - have become unnervingly common on Marlboro College’s campus. At the end of the summer, Marl...
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Legislature will address three big money issues
By all accounts, this legislative year it looks like we will be faced with some of the most difficult decisions that we have had to consider, certainly during my time as your representative. Three ...
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Giving thanks: The gift that offers a return every day throughout the year
There is a story about two hunters from the same village. One decided to keep his bounty for himself, fearing a long severe winter. The other decided to share his with his fellow villagers. Toward ...
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Jewish high holy days are a time for introspection
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the Jewish high holy days, even though they took place more than a month ago. Last September I wrote a column about Rosh Hashanah...
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Downtown bookstore stays afloat as it passes quarter-century mark
By Jack Deming WILMINGTON- Above the cappuccino machine in Bartleby’s Books is a shirt that reads “Come hell or high water, Bartleby’s is my Vermont bookstore.” To the common book browser this may ...
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Man tracking political spending
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By Mike Eldred VERMONT- On the eve of what is being termed the most expensive midterm election in history, former Wilmington resident and US Senate candidate Daniel Freilich released a report on sp...
BDCC taps Grinold for top spot
by Jack Deming
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By Jack Deming BRATTLEBORO- Adam Grinold is leaving his position as the executive director of Wilmington Works to head the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, a job which he says will allow...
The Garcia Project to bring spirit, sound of Jerry Garcia to Memorial Hall
by Jack Deming
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WILMINGTON- It is said that going to see the Grateful Dead perform was not as much a concert as an experience. Even before the band ended their nearly-constant 30 years of touring in 1995, followin...
Local woman turns hate to compassion to help addicts recover
by Jack Deming
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WHITINGHAM- As Vermont has gained notoriety for its rise in heroin abuse, one local woman has turned her attention to spreading awareness and raising funds in an effort to remind the local communit...
As long as the earth endures, so too will the change in seasons
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We live in Vermont – a state that others come to in the autumn to enjoy our trees in beautiful colors.  The red maples, the bright orange and yellows of their tree neighbors, contrast with the deep...
Facing the dark side of human nature: Taming the mean spirits
by Dario Lussardi
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It seems there has been a noticeable increase of meanness and hostility in the world around us. Not only is it noticeable on the global front, it is happening everywhere. Too often, too many people...