Communication and transparency missing
We’ve spent the past week trying to make sense of what happened to the Wilmington Development Review Board. The short of it is, Wilmington doesn’t really have much of a DRB right now, with four of ...
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Twin Valley boys hope to translate other sports’ success to the diamond
WILMINGTON- After watching many of the players on his roster win a Division IV state soccer championship, and come minutes short of a title in basketball, Twin Valley boys’ baseball skipper Jim Bur...
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More to high school use planning than building
We’ve said for many years that finding a long-term use for the current Twin Valley High School building is a critical component of a revitalized Wilmington. That goal has taken another step toward ...
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Bill no laughing matter
While a story in our annual April Fool’s edition lampoons school funding and consolidation in Vermont, in reality there are very serious changes being contemplated in the Vermont Legislature this s...
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Don't dodge headline
rmonters who haven’t made decisions about their health care coverage have a big deadline looming. Saturday, March 15, is the cutoff date for open enrollment to receive coverage under Vermont Health...
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School budgets symptom, not cause of the problem
At Town Meetings around the valley and across the state, some of the most discussed items were school budgets and their effects on local and statewide property taxes. Suffice it to say that those d...
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Time to see the forest
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Last week we reported on some conceptual plans for a new, combined fire and police facility for the town of Wilmington. While the plans are just that, conceptual, they do start the mind wondering a...
March is just around the corner. Which means it’s Town Meeting season.
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The first Tuesday of March is the traditional day for Town Meeting. This year that day is March 4. Schools close, businesses pause, and residents head to their respective town halls or school gyms ...
Wage bill: think again
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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese proverb Sometimes, when legislators are drafting a bill with the hopes it becoming law, ...
Clark deserves her due as all-time great
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The Sochi Olympics open this week. Anyone with even a passing interest in the games should be able to find a a reason to cheer on the athletes who are competing, especially those with ties to our l...
Broken system needs fix
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Vermont has a looming problem, one that many leaders in Montpelier would rather not talk about in direct terms. No, it’s not health care. That is certainly out in the public domain and well documen...
Community-minded folks needed for their towns
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One of the great things about living in a small state like Vermont is the accessibility of government. From the governor’s office on down to the local dog warden, Vermont politicians and officials ...