Keep the momentum
Over the years, The Deerfield Valley News has been a pretty strong cheerleader for economic development around the valley. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, in our opinion, and supporting good devel...
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Town not owing zoning
Residents and property owners in Readsboro appear to be facing a conundrum when it comes to the town’s zoning regulations. As staff reporter Jack Deming reported in last week’s edition (“Residents ...
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Voters will have a chance to avoid the silly season
Summer is often referred to as “the silly season” for a number of reasons. School is out, kids don’t have homework and can spend their days doing what kids do. Television networks tend to go with r...
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Valley Trail is a reality
Saturday morning a large group gathered at the base of Haystack Mountain. It was a bright, breezy morning that lent a crystal clear sky and fresh air to the scene, creating a setting that was perfe...
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Time to move on from "Mount Snow Valley"
Words can be a funny thing. Something as simple as a few letters or sounds strung together can have tremendous power. Words can calm people, incite people, excite people, or depress them. Just ask ...
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Events, support needed
This weekend Tough Mudder New England returns to the valley. For two days, thousands of competitors and spectators will scramble around the slopes of Mount Snow, taking part in one of the largest w...
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A century of conflicts
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In eight out of the past 11 decades, soldiers of the United States have been put in harm’s way and fought somewhere around the world. Regardless of the conflict, large or small, right or wrong, it’...
Legislature leaves town
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This past Saturday, the Vermont Legislature ended its 2014 session. Many will breathe a sigh of relief. For others, it means the news cycle will be a little duller. In any event, some significant b...
Lessons from our history
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“Some of us visited the Wilderness battleground and saw there the same sad scenes. The commingled bones of horse and rider, all the possessions of the soldiers, from the envelope with its faint add...
Don’t trash Vermont
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“Pick up after yourself!” How many times has a parent said that to a child? Most parents, no doubt, have lost count of the number of times those four words have been said. Saturday is Green Up Day,...
The principal of it all
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Congratulations are in order to Wardsboro and Dover schools. The principals of those two small schools have received recognition for the work they’ve done inside and outside their respective buildi...
The people's business?
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There are many who say the the months of April and May are some of the scariest in Vermont. No, it’s not because its mud season, when great gobs of goo lurk along unpaved roads and driveways waitin...