Thieves strike rural church, preacher shows them compassion
WHITINGHAM- According to Rev. John Brigham, sometime between the evening of Thursday, January 28 and the morning of Friday, January 29, at least one person used a crowbar or similar tool to break o...
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User fees, tuition top board agenda
WILMINGTON- Twin Valley School Board members discussed user fees and tuition, and learned that one of their board members would not return after Town Meeting. Wilmington School Board chair Dennis R...
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Town tells officials about dearth of telecommunications access
READSBORO- Selectboard members and the public met with state officials and local legislators Monday evening to discuss the town’s lack of reliable cell phone service or Internet connection. Selectb...
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House, Senate at odds over Act 46
MONTPELIER- On the eve of a scheduled floor vote on Act 46’s allowable growth rate spending threshold, Rep. Laura Sibilia, of Dover, says no clear consensus on the issue has emerged. Act 46 of 2015...
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Bill to name Gilfeather turnip state vegetable takes root
MONTPELIER- On her first day in Montpelier as a new representative, Laura Sibilia was surprised by a conversation she had with another legislator. “As a person railing about high property taxes, ed...
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Review board closes hearing on Powderhorn development at Haystack
WILMINGTON- The Wilmington Development Review Board closed their hearing on an application from Powderhorn developers for phase II of their Haystack development after a brief hearing with the appli...
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Commission invites community to play key role in planning
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- The planning commission is inviting community members to play a key role in the town’s planning process at a daylong workshop at the former high school library on Saturday, January 23, ...
Dunkin’ Donuts is hoping to be open by May
by Mike Eldred
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WILMINGTON- Development grants and 1% funding dominated discussion at Wednesday evening’s selectboard meeting, but the biggest news may have been a short announcement by town manager Scott Murphy. ...
Dam gatehouse is part of historic village
by Mike Eldred
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WHITINGHAM- State and local officials appear to have reached a compromise that will save a historic dam structure that had been slated for removal. When Whitingham town officials received an approv...
Petition presented to repeal zoning
by Cara Cheyette
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HALIFAX- A seemingly light agenda on the January 5 Halifax Selectboard meeting ended with the revelation, made after most of the members of the public had left, that the selectboard had received a ...
Study hoping to determine impact of windmills on habitat
by Rolf Parker
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SEARSBURG- If you are hiking along a ridgeline in the Green Mountain National Forest in Searsburg or Readsboro and see a camera mounted to a tree, smile – your picture has already been taken. The c...
Tuition rates dropping: Twin Valley board votes to match other schools
by Mike Eldred
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WHITINGHAM- School board members voted to cut tuition rates for sending towns, and discussed restoring funding that had been cut for some programs at their regular meeting Tuesday evening. In a clo...